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June 2017

We hope to see you at the forthcoming AUGIS Annual Scientific Meeting which will take place from Wednesday 19 – Friday 21 September at the Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh.

The provisional Scientific Programme is available online at:

Register for AUGIS here:

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All other details including information on the venue and hotel options can also be found on the Meeting Microsite:

Come to Cork!
September 2017

The annual AUGIS conference is in Cork this year and AHPs are encouraged to look at the whole programme and consider if you can attend. The rates for nurses / AHPs are very competitive. Following previous feedback that AHP and nurse members value attending the main conference, we are anticipating putting on a shorter nurse/ AHP parallel session late Thursday morning until lunchtime. We hope this will work well and would value feedback.

Results of the AUGIS Questionnaire
June 2017

Many thanks to all members who replied to the online questionnaire about the education and training opportunities for AHP/Nurse members of AUGIS.

Almost 90% of responders said an annual training day separate from the AUGIS conference would be useful as this gives them the opportunity to link with other members of their profession. Some responders did say that they found the main conference a valuable update on current issues and treatments in Upper GI.

Topics of interest for education and training include:

  • Enhanced recovery
  • Pre-habilitation
  • Patient experience
  • Clinical trials with surgery and Oncology
  • Nutritional and fluid management
  • Managing the late effects of treatment
  • Bariatric management
  • Small bowel bacterial overgrowth, pancreatic insufficiency.
  • Innovations/ research in OG surgery

Almost 50% of responders would be interested in presenting at future events but many commented on the lack of time and resources to do this. Almost 90% of responders said they would be happy to share contact details on the website for network purposes. 30% responded with details of support groups to advertise on the patient section of the website

About a quarter of responders would be interested in taking part on a research or audit project together. One person was interested in leading on this. Ideas for projects will be required to take this forward. All ideas gratefully received.

AUGIS Questionnaire
June 2016

Nurses and AHPs are currently being contacted and invited to complete a questionnaire to give an insight into what people find useful as an AUGIS member and what else may be helpful. Please complete the questionnaire when it arrives and we look forward to giving feedback in due course.

January 2016

We continue to make great strides with the UGI CNS forum. The second meeting was sponsored by Lilly Oncology and preceded  the AUGIS training day.

This was well-attended with a broad range of presentations including the brilliant ‘Productivity Hacks for Healthcare Professionals by Mr Muzzafer Chaudury and a very insightful presentation by Prof Angela Todd on ‘The role of the CNS: Demonstrating Worth, Proving Value.’

This is an evolving forum, set up in response to the recognised need to have a dedicated resource for UGI CNS’s to collaborate , network and share best practice. The next meeting will be held in Spring. CNS’s interested in attending or being involved should email

AHP & CNS Training Day – photos from a successful day
October 2015



AHP & CNS Training Day
August 2015

Following on from the success of last year’s AHP and CNS training day, we will be holding another training day in Nottingham on 2 October.

The day will aim to provide an overview of the UGI cancer pathway and ways to develop the important contribution of the CNS/AHP to quality patient care. It will begin with a mock MDT and thereafter a number of case studies addressing the management of patients at various stages of their pathway will be discussed.

These will include the treatment of early cancers, palliative symptom management and managing the long term consequences of cancer treatment.


Plenty for all at the DDF
May 2015

DDF – ExCel, London, June 22 – 25

The main meeting runs for three days from Tuesday to Thursday. The AUGIS plenary session is on Wednesday with BJS prize presentations followed by the return of Professor Olivier Scatton talking on what must be the very cutting edge of surgery, Laparoscopic live donor liver transplantation. Professor Christopher Christophi from Australia will deliver his Hunterian lecture on Colorectal liver metastases later that day.

One of the real benefits of the DDF meeting is the rare opportunity to bring together different specialties with differing techniques and approaches to shared problems. Wednesday’s AUGIS sessions cover several of these common areas – CBD stones, Achalasia and GORD which should see some lively debate and interaction exploring the roles of newer interventions and choice and sequence of procedures.  John Hunter from Portland, Oregon is another returning favourite to the AUGIS meetings.

Obesity surgery features heavily on both Wednesday’s and Thursday’s programme. BOMSS and AUGIS sessions include Grand rounds on how to deal with common complications of bariatric procedures, surgery for metabolic disorders, choice of procedure in the Super Obese and the politics and economics of Bariatric surgery. We are delighted to welcome Francesco Rubino and Nick Finer amongst our many international speakers at the meeting.

A joint AUGIS and ACP session on Tuesday provides management guidance, tips and tricks in the emergency surgery for anastomotic leaks and iatrogenic  perforations and Booerhaaves perforation guidance.  A joint Session on Thursday with BSG deals with current algorithms for management of GI bleeds.


Plans for an OG Clinical Nurse Specialist Forum
December 2014

Lilly Oncology will facilitate a meeting in February 2015 io establish a dedicated OG Clinical Nurse Specialist Forum.

The overall aim of the forum will be to establish best practice, improve patient outcomes and provide a resource for learning and education. Some16 UGI CNSs will attend the meeting and we have representation from England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

If you are interested in being involved please contact me via the AUGIS office  –


Looking ahead to the DDF
September 2014

We have already started work on the DDF Scientific Programme 2015. The organising committee is keen to ensure that this will be a multi-professional meeting that will appeal to a wide delegate community.

This means that there will be bespoke AHP content as well as integrated sessions at the DDF.

Discussions so far have focused around creating a series of competency-based sessions. The subject matter is intended to be broad to play to everyone’s strengths and ranges from the management of IBD and diverticular disease to managing nutrition in end-of-life care.

Pancreatic Cancer UK Training Days
August 2014

Earlier this year Pancreatic Cancer UK, in partnership with London Cancer and London Cancer Alliance, held two pilot regional pancreatic nurse study days. The aim was to provide bespoke training to local health professionals working in pancreatic cancer care.

The study days included a combination of lectures and workshops covering key themes such as nutrition and dietary support and the importance and protection of the CNS role – with a draft statement on the importance of the CNS role in relation to pancreatic cancer as a key output of the days. Thirty nurses attended each event and the charity received excellent feedback on the speakers and the workshops.

Pancreatic Cancer UK is now looking to extend the programme of training across the country with the aim of providing training to as many nurses as possible. The charity will be looking to run more regional training in 2015, in addition to a National HPB study day in Crewe on 13 October. For more information please contact


Join us for an Affiliate Training Day in Brighton
July 2014

I am delighted to announce that this year there will be an Affiliate Training Day on September 17. This will be held at the Brighton Conference Centre, prior to the main AUGIS Scientific Meeting on the September 18-19.

The Training Day will involve a series of practical workshops aimed at providing an overview on the management of Upper GI malignancies. It is ideally suited for all those working in an Upper GI setting including ward nurses, pre-assessment nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists and clinical nurse specialists. It will be followed by a Training Day dinner which will be held in collaboration with the surgical trainees.

Numbers are limited for the training day so please sign up early in order to secure your place.

The Training Day will be followed by the Main Scientific Programme. This promises to be a stimulating and varied programme. The focus of the Affiliate Session this year is Enhanced Recovery, followed by topics covering longer-term consequences of upper GI surgery, management and associated quality of life.

For further information see the AUGIS microsite:

Upper GI Cancer Nurse Forum
June 2014

There is a need to improve and formalise support and education resources for Upper GI Clinical Nurse Specialists. This could be through a variety of medians such as web-based support, national and/or local meetings. A company with previous experience in setting up National Nurse Forums has offered to help facilitate and establish a National Upper GI Cancer Forum.

We would like to set up a working group to take this forward. If you would like to be involved please contact me directly:

The first meeting will be held on Thursday, September 18 at the AUGIS Meeting, Brighton Centre. Further details will follow.


A successful All-Ireland conference
May 2014

The All-Ireland AUGIS Conference took place in Belfast this month and Alex McAfee organised an Affiliate Symposium at this inaugural meeting. The Minister for Health, Mr Edwin Poots, opened the affiliate session with an encouraging message of support and appreciation for nurses and allied health professionals.

Alex put together an excellent programme that provoked healthy discussion and debate on topical areas within Upper GI. Delegates came from all over Ireland to attend and feedback was extremely positive.


Strong AHP thread at the Gateshead meeting
October 2013

The recent meeting in Gateshead proved an excellent venue for AHPS to gather with an  excellent programme which covered key areas in UGI cancer and bariatric care.

One of the key speakers, Claire Sedgwick, shared her experience of the ‘Oesophago-gastric Raising Awareness Campaign’ in Newcastle which is now into a very impressive fifth year.

There was also be a dedicated session on Survivorship. Natalie Doyle, Nurse Consultant in Living With and Beyond Cancer, gave an overview on survivorship and its implications for current practice. This was followed by an expert panel on survivorship with Natalie Doyle, Bernie Byrne, Centre Head of the Maggie’s centre, and Larry Reis, a previous patient and now member of the Oesophageal Patients association.

Venetia Wynter-Blyth
Nurse/AHP Representative



Looking forward to a successful gathering in Gatehead
June 2013

I am looking forward to meeting AHPS in Gateshead in September as we gather for the 17th AUGIS Scientific Meeting (September 19/20).

Following on from the success of previous meetings we have an excellent programme lined up for AHPs which addresses key themes relating to UGI disease. This year’s sessions have been sub-divided into issues relating to UGI cancer, early diagnosis and survivorship in UGI cancer and bariatric care. I think these topics will provoke plenty of healthy discussion and debate.

The AUGIS annual meeting not only provides an excellent educational programme but it is also a unique opportunity to network with a broad range of professionals all with a common interest in advancing Upper GI services and outcomes. I would urge you all to attend and please encourage your colleagues to attend as well.

There are ten bursaries of £150 to award to affiliate members. Bursaries will be awarded after the meeting on a first come first serve basis. In order to apply you will need to submit accommodation and travel receipts to the AUGIS office by Friday, 1 November 2013.

Venetia Wynter-Blyth
Nurse/AHP Representative


Raising the profile of the Specialist Dietitian in Oesophago-gastric cancer
July 2012

Those working with patients undergoing OG cancer surgery are well aware of the importance in having consistent and specialist dietetic support in the management of their care. Fiona Marcharg, Macmillan Specialist Oesophago-Gastric Dietitian at The Royal Surrey County Hospital & St Luke’s Cancer Centre, is working with the local Oesophageal Patient’s Association to raise the profile of the specialist dietitian role in oesophageal and gastric cancer care. Fiona outlines the value of the specialist dietitian role.

‘People diagnosed with oesophageal cancer are at high risk of malnutrition at most stages of their treatment: on presentation due to dysphagia, low appetite and anxiety; during chemotherapy as a result of GI toxicity (causing nausea, vomiting and taste changes); following surgery due to limitation in oral intake; and in the long term due to malabsorption, maldigestion, dumping syndrome and food phobia. The link between poor nutritional status and adverse oncological and surgical outcomes, and reduced quality of life is well recognised.

A dietitian is uniquely trained to understand the impact of disease and treatment on a patient’s nutritional status and can translate this into practical advice for patients and their families. By regularly working with oesophageal cancer patients and developing specialist knowledge in this area, a specialist dietitian is uniquely placed to provide this essential support.

However, the recent NOGCA report highlighted that only 54% of all NHS organisations provided dietetic support for all in-patients; one quarter of cancer centres had no dietetic support for their surgical inpatients.

While there are many challenges in caring for these patients, dietitians play an integral role in a patient’s successful recovery by recognising malnutrition, managing GI complications, monitoring nutritional adequacy and guiding the transition from tube feeding to an oral diet. Dumping syndrome, vitamin or mineral deficiencies and diet alterations are just some of the challenges faced by patients which may appear to be insurmountable when a patient struggles to manage these themselves, but which may be more easily controlled and addressed in a more timely and effective fashion with specialist dietetic support.

Multidisciplinary care in oesophago-gastric cancer should include specialist dietetic services to provide intensive support not just peri-operatively but in the long term care of this vulnerable patient group.’

Fiona Macharg, Macmillan Specialist Oesophago-Gastric Dietitian
The Royal Surrey County Hospital & St Luke’s Cancer Centre

Plans for a virtual follow-up clinic
May 2012

Venetia Wynter-Blyth, an Upper GI CNS at St Mary’s Hospital in London, is planning to set up a virtual follow-up clinic for OG oncology patients post-treatment. The clinic will aim to help streamline the patient pathway, for example, by reducing unnecessary follow-up OPAs and encouraging our service to be more responsive to a patient’s needs and circumstances. Venetia would like to hear from anyone who has done/or would like to do something similar. She can be contacted at

October 2011
Your help is needed!

Following on from Mr Conor Magee’s presentation to affiliates at this year’s AUGIS conference in Belfast your help is needed to gain more information on the incidence and management of late hypoglycaemia following gastric bypass surgery.

Please visit the website below to complete the questionnaire

Promoting AUGIS as a forum for Upper GI nurse specialists

I conducted a survey in April 2011 of Upper GI nurse specialists across the country to establish their awareness and interest in AUGIS as a forum for education and professional development.

CQuINS website was used to identify the contact details of Upper GI nurse specialists in England. A short questionnaire was sent to 200 nurse specialists identified from the website, asking if they are current AUGIS members, if not if they are interested in joining plus their links with other forums.

97 nurses responded, achieving a response rate of 48.5%. Table 1 shows the distribution of nurses according to upper GI cancer speciality. Click on the link below to read more:

Opportunities in Bariatric and Metabolic studies

I am currently working with AUGIS on ways to develop the affiliate section to make it more relevant to us all.

One way to do this will be to provide regular updates on current issues and events within the specialities of upper GI disease and bariatrics which are particularly relevant to affiliates.

We would like to make the Affiliate section of the website more interactive and give you the opportunity to share issues and publicise events happening in your workplace. This could include study days, publications, projects that affiliates may find informative or other events.

We hope this will prove to be a simple but effective way of disseminating good practice on a national level.

There will be a regular ‘regional update’ link on the affiliate page which will highlight recent information updates according to region.

Feel free to get in touch!
Jane Tallett
Affiliates Representative