Outcomes data

We report on volume and 30-day postoperative mortality for NHS Trusts and for individual surgeon.  The information on surgeon outcomes was derived from data on patients diagnosed between 1 April 2011 and 31 March 2012. The information by NHS trust reflects the outcomes of the multidisciplinary teams at the Specialist Cancer Centres.  The information by surgeon describes the results for the Consultant in Charge of the operation, even though the operation may have been performed by two consultants. 

In total, 163 surgeons from 40 specialist stomach and oesophageal cancer centres contributed data from 2381 patients. The median annual hospital volume was 56 operations (range 19-141). The annual surgeon volume ranged from 1 to 39 operations per year, with a median of 14 operations.

For NHS trusts, we report the number of operations and observed 30 day post-operative mortality rate. 

For surgeons, we report the number of operations and number of postoperative deaths.  We report the number of deaths and not a rate because the single year of data collection meant the analysis was based on a small number of operations for most surgeons.  When the number of operations is low, rates are often unreliable due to the influence of random events.  Moreover, the observed rates cannot represent a low underlying risk precisely.  For example, although the underlying risk of an operation may be 2%, surgeons who perform just 10 operations could equally have observed mortality rates of 0%, 10%, etc. Therefore, we do not report outcomes for surgeons that performed less than five procedures in the reporting period. Nevertheless, all surgeons performed within expected range.

To ensure accuracy, the Audit used mortality data reported by the surgeons and from the Office for National Statistics.  The figures on this website were reviewed and verified by both NHS trusts and individual surgeons prior to publication.

Considerable care should be taken in making comparisons between surgeons on the basis of the data reported here, as outcomes may vary due to random variation, case-mix or data quality.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this section.  AUGIS does not accept any liability arising from errors or omissions, or the use of, or reliance on, the information contained in this website and reserve the right to change the information and descriptions when required.

In looking at this information, it is important to remember that the outcomes of NHS trusts and surgeons may vary because of patient characteristics and the influence of random variation.  We recommend that patients discuss the likely outcomes of their treatment with their surgeon before an operation, so that they can understand the expected outcomes given their own circumstances.