Reports from the Education, Training and Research Committee

January 2017
First of all I would like to pay tribute to the extremely hard work that my predecessor Professor Giles Toogood has carried out over the last four years. These are extremely big shoes to fill, but I hope to continue the success of education and training within AUGIS. In an era of uncertainty with regard to industry support and time constraints it is important that we ensure that our conferences deliver robust, innovative and topical programmes and continue to develop the essential relationship within industry. The Dragon’s Den has proven to be an example of such innovation.

Over the next four years I will look at further changes to education and training, adopting the multidisciplinary approach to upper gastrointestinal surgery.

I am delighted to announce the European Guidelines Meeting on Laparoscopic Liver Surgery, which will be a partnership of AUGIS, GBIHPBA and the E-AHPBA, under the local guidance of Mr Mohammad Abu Hilal. I would like encourage all HPB Surgeons and Trainees (whether with an interest in laparoscopic surgery or not) to attend this essential consensus meeting. It is important that all surgeons have the opportunity to express their views so that a concise guidelines document can be produced to identify the future role of laparoscopic surgery in the Hepato Bilary specialty. You can find out more about the meeting by visiting

I look forward to another successful BOMSS ASM at Alton Tower (26 – 27 January) and you can register for the meeting at

We are currently planning the educational programme for AUGIS 2017 in Cork. We are delighted to have Professor Richard van Hillegersberg from the Netherlands as our BJS Speaker. I can assure all members of AUGIS that we will have a programme which will cover every aspect of the interest of our membership. The local organiser Mr Adrian O’Sullivan has, along with Nichola Bartlett and Sarvjit Wunsch, put together an exciting social programme as well.

Finally, over the last couple of years it has become obvious that continuing to encourage and support research is critical for this organisation. Professor Jane Blazeby has done an outstanding job as Upper GI Research Lead. However unfortunately, due to an extremely busy schedule Professor Blazeby will not be renewing her tender in for the position next year. We will be releasing a job description in the near future for the position of Upper GI Research Lead, which will fall under the remit of the Education, Training & Research Lead. I would encourage all members who are actively involved in research with their respective universities to consider this extremely important role within the association.

Mr Mark Taylor
Chair, Education and Training Committee


June 2016       


This is likely to be my last contribution to the newsletter as Chairman of Education and Training. I don’t have much to say but am very much looking forward to our Annual Scientific Conference in Leeds – we have a good venue and an exciting programme.

Trainees will have the opportunity to present potential trials to the Dragons’ Den at leeds – a great experience for trainee surgeons!

Encourage all your colleagues to make the trip to leeds for two or three days of education and fun.

Mr Giles Toogood
Chair, Education and Training Committee

 February 2016

Our efforts during the last few months have focused on putting together an exciting programme for Leeds in September 2016. The meeting will be stimulating, the company wonderful and the crack amazing.

A good old-fashioned AUGIS Annual Scientific Conference, our 19th AUGIS Annual Scientific Meeting will welcome international speakers Professor Rob Padbury and Professor Greg Falk. The programme will have something for everyone , covering bariatric, upper GI and HPB topics, and will include plenary sessions on complex surgery on the obese and patient satisfaction.

Other highlights will include the Dragons’ Den, parallel sessions and free papers along with dedicated sessions for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals – all adding to a full programme for all the AUGIS sub-specialties. The AUGIS Training Day will take place on Wednesday, 21 September.

We look forward to seeing you Leeds in September!

Mr Giles Toogood
Chair, Education and Training Committee 

 August 2015

The recent DDF Conference at Excel in London took a lot of planning and effort. It proved to be a most enjoyable meeting, particularly with the opportunity to meet colleagues from other specialties. The Scientific content was excellent and the talks given by AUGIS members and guests were of the highest order. Particular thanks go to our overseas guests who all gave inspiring lectures, stimulating much discussion and thought.

The Training Day at DDF focused on UGI surgery and was a great success.

The real question will be whether AUGIS members feel we should engage again in such a project, clearly member feedback on the meeting is very important.

In other areas we are already planning an exciting Annual Scientific Conference in Leeds from 21-23 September 2016 – a date for your diaries. Also, trainees should book a place on the AUGIS Trainee Masterclass in Nottingham on 1-2 October 2015.

Finally, the subject of badged Royal College of Surgeon post-CCT fellowships has not been universally embraced by AUGIS surgeons. Perhaps specialist societies should be more involved in this, however, it may be more pragmatic for AUGIS to provide a database/registry of UGI/HPB fellowships available in Great Britain and Ireland.

Mr Giles Toogood
Chair, Education and Training Committee        

January 2015

After a successful Brighton meeting we have now completed the scientific programme for the DDF in June and this includes several overseas speakers including Oliver Scatton (Paris) talking on laparascopic liver surgery and John Hunter (Oregon) talking on bile duct stones.

The  AUGIS Trials Research Committee led by Prof Jane Blazeby is planning a biliary day to discuss trials in Upper GI surgery.

Mr Giles Toogood
Chair, Education and Training Committee

July 2014

Most of my time has been spent putting the AUGIS Scientific Meeting Programme for Brighton together. This is looking good with something of interest for all. I am particularly looking forward to hearing from Professor Justin Dimick talking on the importance of surgical skill and patient outcome and also the debate we hope to have on the future of clinical training in both specialist and emergency surgery.

Professor Jane Blazeby, as Surgical Specialty Lead in Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery, has already put together a session for the Training Day at Brighton entitled “Dragon’s Den”. Trainees have been invited to submit applications to present a research proposal to an expert panel. All will be welcome to attend this session in Brighton and I’m sure it will prove an excellent experience for everyone on how to plan and structure clinical research.

We are also well on the way to crystallising the joint DDF Meeting Programme for next year in London (June 22-25). Both of these meetings look very exciting.

Mr Giles Toogood
Chair, Education and Training Committee

January 2014

Work has already begun on the DDF Scientific Programme for 2015. This is going to be another exciting venture with much collaboration with our surgical and medical colleagues.

The Surgical Specialty Lead in Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery will be appointed  soon. Surgical Specialty Leads have responsibility both for the development of clinical networks to deliver multi-centre studies as well as ensuring that the studies are relevant to their subspecialty and their patients.

Surgical Specialty Leads will work with the Surgical Trials Units (STU’s) to develop clinical networks, train surgical investigators and deliver the clinical trials in a timely fashion. Each Surgical Specialty Lead will be affiliated to a specialist surgical society, with whom they will work to develop the clinical trials and clinical networks.

We are looking forward to the GBIHPBA meeting which will take place in Leamington Spa in March with significant educational content.

Mr Giles Toogood
Chair, Education and Training Committee