Pitch your idea for a surgical RCT



The Royal College of Surgeons of England has created exciting opportunities for surgeons by establishing seven surgical trials centres and 15 surgical speciality leads for research. Professor Jane Blazeby is the surgical specialty lead for AUGIS and co-directs the Bristol Surgical Trials Centre. These initiatives aim to increase the number and quality of randomised trials (RCTs) which will ultimately improve patient care.

We invite you to submit ideas for new RCTs and to work with us to develop them into fundable studies. RCTs in OG and HPB surgery (benign or malignant), or in bariatric surgery, will be considered. This opportunity extends to consultants and trainees of all grades.

Proposals should contain the following information in no more than 500 words:

  • Names & specialties of team members (minimum of two, at least one consultant),
  • Background and rationale for the RCT, including existing literature reviews,
  • Aim of the RCT (in PICO format),
  • Trial design (timing of randomisation, intervention and comparator details, how and when endpoints are assessed. Do not worry about a sample size calculation at this stage, but please include information and justification for the assumptions that might underpin a sample size calculation, ie expected rate of events of the primary endpoint).

Anonymised submissions will be judged by a multi-disciplinary panel. Shortlisting will focus on the clinical importance of the idea and its feasibility and deliverability.

Teams will be informed of the outcome by July 11. Those shortlisted will be invited to present their ideas in a Dragons’ Den, which will be held during a plenary session at the AUGIS meeting on September 22 in Leeds. Shortlisted teams will be offered opportunities to receive methodological support and guidance from a mentor from the Bristol Surgical Trials Centre before the presentation. The winning team will be offered extensive trials expertise to develop their proposal into one that can be submitted for funding.

  • Submissions should be emailed toCSR-Bris@bristol.ac.uk as a Word file.
  • The deadline for submissions is 6 June 2016
  • Please contact us using the email address above if you have any queries, and good luck!