AUGISt Training Day | Wednesday 18th September 2013 | Gateshead Newcastle, UK Generously supported by Covidien

The 17th AUGIS annual scientific meeting (The Sage, Gateshead, September 19 – 20) was preceded by a hugely successful training day in the plush surroundings of the Institute of Transplantation at the Freeman Hospital across the River Tyne in Newcastle.

The Training Day started with parallel practical sessions on bariatric surgery and radiofrequency ablation (RFA) for Barrett’s Oesophagus. The RFA session involved detailed discussion of the technical aspects with live demonstration of RFA to an oesophagus specimen along with discussions about indications, complications and merits of the treatment.

In the bariatric session, models were used to give trainees hands-on experience of aspirating and filling gastric bands with simple and difficult port locations. This was accompanied by case discussion of band-related problems. Trainees also gained hands-on experience of performing stapled bariatric anastomoses on animal specimens.

Two fantastic lively and interactive OG and HPB MDT sessions followed a quick coffee break. Chaired by Professor Michael Griffin and Mr Jeremy French respectively, real cases were presented alongside imaging. Both MDTs offered the panel and trainees the opportunity to discuss more straightforward cancer cases before having to consider more challenging cases that enthused all levels of trainees (and consultants!).

Lunch provided a great opportunity for some socialising with fellow trainees and the faculty before the afternoon viva sessions. Trainees rotated through six different viva stations – malignant OG, benign OG, bariatric surgery, emergency upper GI surgery, pancreatic, and hepatobiliary.

The Faculty offered questions and topics tailored to the ISCP syllabus and everyday practice. It was a superb opportunity for trainees to identify their own strengths and weaknesses with the Faculty providing excellent feedback to individual trainees not only about the topics but also on viva techniques. Some impressive performances were duly noted with the trainees rewarded with champagne. The educational part of the day culminated in an insightful lecture on how to approach the academic viva.

The day’s efforts from the trainees and Faculty were rewarded with a drinks reception and an excellent three-course dinner on Newcastle’s quayside.

Thanks must go to Mr French and Mr Richard Charnley for their help in organising such a successful day, all the Faculty for their time and expertise, the local trainees who provided cases for the MDTs and helped the running of the day, the two medical students on elective from Germany who were superb in their timekeeping during the viva sessions and equally to all the trainees who actively participated in all sessions with knowledge and enthusiasm.

We look forward to Brighton 2014!

  • Covidien’s Comprehensive Grand Round Slide Deck was viewed at the Training Day. Click here 
  • The Clinical Trials Outcome document lists a large number of the clinical trials supporting RFA for Barrett’s Oesophagus can be viewed here (link to PDF)
  • Trainees can also look at the Barrx University site – a good resource for learning about RFA for Barrett’s oesophagus.