Clinical Services and Audit

In conjunction with the RCS (Eng), AUGIS has developed guidelines for commissioning services for gallstone and reflux diseases and these were reviewed in the last year. Their aim is to indicate to Commissioners how high-quality services should be configured.

Clinical guidelines to aid surgeons involved with the emergency management of gallstone disease were also published. AUGIS recognises that the majority of surgeons who provide emergency general care are not HPB specialists, nor do they have specialist HPB advice on-site. The intention of the guidance is to support emergency surgeons in managing this sometimes challenging patient group.

AUGIS has been involved with other work regarding emergency surgery. A statement concerning the future of Emergency General Surgery has been produced in conjunction with the ACPGBI and the ASGBI. It provides a consensus on the development of the emergency service and recommends which surgeons should deliver it and how they should be trained.

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