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Welcome to the AUGIS website. If you are a patient – or a friend or relative of one – you may want to find out more about a particular condition or illness and also find out about available treatments.

This is the website for professionals who work in the upper gastrointestinal speciality and are members of AUGIS – the Association of Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeons. You may find much of the information useful.

In addition, the Find an AUGIS Specialist site allows you to search for specialists by region, name and speciality.

The rules about GP referrals differ from CCG to CCG. Some insist that all referrals are generic but others allow GPs to make direct referrals to named Consultants. If you specifically wish to be referred to a particular Consultant for whatever reason, speak to your GP and explain who you want to see and why. Be prepared to be persistent.

The process of “Choose and book” is intended to ensure that patients have five options to choose from in the GP surgery.

There are many types of surgeons. Upper gastro-intestinal (Upper GI) surgeons deal with diseases of the oesophagus, stomach, duodenum, diaphragm, liver, biliary tree, pancreas and spleen.

Many operations carried out by Upper GI surgeons are simple and straightforward but others are complex and difficult.

Many surgeons specialise in either Oesophago-Gastric or Hepato-pancreatico-biliary disorders. Most Upper GI surgeons also have endoscopic, laparoscopic (keyhole) and open surgical skills.

Patients are likely to have the chance to talk through their condition with their surgeon at a pre-op meeting and can also access a great deal of help and advice from a wide variety of other sources.

There are also many other health professionals who specialise in Upper GI – specialist nurses are a central part of the Upper GI teams.

As well as talking to health professionals you will be able to find a large amount of information on other websites, for example, the websites of individual surgeons, Hospital Trusts, health charities and health organisations, nationally and internationally.

There are dozens of conditions and illnesses which may require surgery. For more detailed advice please talk to your surgeon or contact one of the organisations which specialise in your particular illness or condition.

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