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The Association has evolved for those with an interest in upper gastrointestinal surgery and is therefore best placed to develop clinical services, pursue education and training and encourage research. The development of sub-specialisation is rapidly evolving and clinical service developments at national and local level require the type of national perspective provided by AUGIS.



The annual parallel session at the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland Meeting and the Annual Scientific Meeting of AUGIS provide excellent opportunities for education for trainee and trained surgeons. Trainees have access to a dedicated website – AUGISt

The developments in higher surgical training demand appropriate national guidance for those running training schemes at local level and AUGIS Council representatives are able to advise regional training committees appropriately.

Find an AUGIS specialist


Members of the public can search for AUGIS specialists by name, region and speciality.




The Annual Meetings provide excellent fora for the presentation of basic and applied research in upper gastrointestinal surgical disease.



AUGIS is part of ASGBI with representation on its Council and Specialties Board. There is also representation on the Council of the British Society of Gastroenterology to ensure multi-disciplinary discussions. AUGIS also has representation on JAG, ACP, BASO, BSG and GI Physiology.



An Annual Travelling Fellowship – worth up to £2,000 – is available to full, trainee and overseas members of AUGIS.



OG: AUGIS is part of the group of organisations tasked by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) with auditing the overall quality of care for oesophago-gastric cancer in England and Wales.

NBSR: The National Bariatric Surgery Registry is a comprehensive, prospective, nationwide analysis of outcomes from bariatric surgery in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

SWORD: AUGIS and ALS have produced a robust database for the most commonly performed operations. The Surgical Workload Outcomes Audit Database (SWORD) is an internet-based website which runs on HES data and identifies all NHS operations performed in England.

HPB: The HPB Cancer Resection audit is now closed.

BJS Online Membership

As a new benefit, AUGIS and BOMSS Members can now choose to subscribe to the BJS Online for an additional £45 per year.



Ways to join AUGIS

The simplest way to join AUGIS/BOMSS is to do so online by clicking here

AUGIS has moved to a new membership database and current members are being asked to provide new direct debit mandates. If you have not been contacted by the AUGIS office or if you have any queries relating to either your current membership or if you would simply like to join AUGIS/BOMSS please contact the AUGIS office: or


Methods of joining AUGIS
AUGIS & BOMSS Membership Form 2018 Download and print out the form, then send
it into us with your direct debit form
AUGIS Direct Debit Mandate 2018 Download and print out the form, then send
it to the AUGIS office 

Membership categories


Membership Category
AUGIS only
Full Members. (Consultants and Career Grades) , who shall be registered medical practitioners holding appointments as consultant surgeons £190.00 £355.00
Trainee Members. (Surgeons in Training), who shall be registered medical practitioners holding non-consultant career grade appointments (associate specialist or staff grade) or holding training appointments £70.00 £115.00
Honorary Members. Who shall be persons elected by the Council in recognition of their outstanding contribution in the field of upper gastrointestinal surgery.
Nurses/AHPs Members. Who shall be non-medically qualified scientists or nurses working in the field of upper gastrointestinal surgery. £15.00 £45.00
Senior Members. Who shall be former Members who have retired from working in the field of upper gastrointestinal surgery. £30.00 £30.00
Overseas Members. Who shall be registered Medical Practitioners residing outside Great Britain and Ireland. £70.00 £355.00