oxford 2010 report

The 14th Annual Scientific Meeting of AUGIS,
September 9-10, 2010

augis_oxford_2010AUGIS Scientific Meetings continue to go from strength to strength. The very successful 14th Meeting, held in the heart of Oxford, saw presentations from several speakers of international renown, an array of talks from highly-regarded specialists and fascinating insights from specialists.

The Friday parallel sessions numbered four, with robust sub-groups in oesophago-gastric, hepato-pancreato-biliary, bariatric and the increasingly active Affiliates group.

The Meeting was preceded by a well-attended teaching day for trainees and young consultants and this also went extremely well.

Partners in industry supported the Meeting which included a busy trade exhibition which took place in a central marquee.

The Annual Dinner was held in the Great Hall of Christ Church College following a drinks reception. This was a truly wonderful evening with delicious food and good company in a magnificent setting and ended with music from a brass quintet.

Training Day:

The AUGIS Training Day has now become an integral part of the annual AUGIS Conference, and on Wednesday, September 8 2010 the third AUGIS Training Day was held at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

We had an unprecedented array of experts to teach them, including all six Past Presidents of AUGIS, the current AUGIS Council Members, some of our International Speakers and seven local Oxford Consultant Surgeons.

In the morning the trainees split into two groups – oesophagogastric/bariatric and hepatopancreaticobiliary – for concurrent sessions on operative surgery. The OG session was run by the local Oxford OG Surgeons, Nick Maynard, Bob Marshall and Bruno Sgromo while the HPB session was run by the local Oxford HPB Surgeons, Zahir Soonawalla, Peter Friend, Michael Silva and Jens Brockmann. Don Low and Ugo Boggi joined the OG group and HPB group respectively. The sessions were based around DVDs of operations, and were lively and interactive. As expected, the contribution from Don Low was particularly good!

In the afternoon the AUGIS Past Presidents and Council Members joined the Training Day for a session of group tutorials entitled “What do I do now?” This provided a unique opportunity for the trainees to be vivaed by a spectacular selection of experts. Many found it very reassuring to see the experts frequently arguing amongst themselves about the best way of managing some difficult problems!

There then followed two interactive lectures from the outgoing (Simon Paterson-Brown) and incoming (Graeme Poston) Presidents of AUGIS with advice on pursuing careers in OG and HPB surgery respectively. The day finished with a symposium on the Management of Liver Metastases, sponsored by Merck Serono.

There was a fantastic turnout from both trainees and trainers, and the AUGIS Training Day is now a permanent fixture on the day before the Annual Meeting.

Day 1 – Symposium – Complex Upper GI surgery and complications

Chaired by Mr Simon Paterson-Brown and Mr Merv Rees
Prof Rene Adam, Paris
Revisional Liver Surgery

Dr Don Low, head of Thoracic Surgery and Thoracic Oncology,
Virginia Mason Medical Centre, Seattle
Categorising complications of Upper GI surgery and their cost

Dr Harry Frydenberg, Melbourne
President, Epworth Centre for Bariatric Surgery
Managing complications of weight loss surgery

Day 1 – Session 2, Lecture

Chaired by Mr Nick Maynard
Prof Paul Johnson, Director of islet Transplant Programme, University of Oxford
Pancreatic Islet Transplantation – from Bench to Bedside

Day 1 – Symposium – New Technologies in Upper GI Surgery

Chaired by Mr Iain Tait and Mr Roger Ackroyd
Dr Harry Frydenberg, Melbourne
New Interventional Modalities in Metabolic Surgery

Prof Uggo Boggi, Pisa
Robotic Pancreatic Surgery

Mr Sri Kadirkamanathan
Gastric Pacing

Mr Barry Paraskevas
Single Port Laparascopic Surgery

Day 1 – Lecture

Chaired by Mr Richard Charnley
Pre-operative biliary drainage and pancreatic surgery
Dr Olivier Busch, Amsterdam

Day 2 – Oesophagogastric

Chaired by Prof Derek Alderson and Mr Bill Allum

Day 2 – Hepatopancreatobiliary

Chaired by Prof John Primrose and Mr Giles Toogood

Pancreas Transplantation
Prof  Peter Friend, Oxford

Robotic Liver Surgery
Prof Uggo Boggi

Pancreatic Trials and Hepatobiliary Trials
Ms Paula Ghaneh, Reader in Surgery, Liverpool, Professor John Primrose

The need for agreed and standardised procedure codes for all aspects of HPB surgery
Mr Bill Allum

An overview of the AUGIS HPB cancer resection database
Mr Iain Cameron

Free Papers

The second half of the session consisted of free papers presented by a variety of Trainees from the various HPB units. A number of topics were discussed including bile duct injury at cholecystectomy. There was much discussion about the nature of bile duct injuries and the possibility of a bile duct injury register was discussed. There was agreement that such a register would be useful and that AUGIS should have a major role in any such register.

Day 2 – Batriatric

Chaired by Mr David Kerrigan and Mr Shaw Somers
Quality counts: hospital volume, surgeon volume and outcome
Dr Harry Frydenberg, Melbourne

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire: monitoring for early detection of complications and re-intervention
Mr Alberic Fiennes

Weighed in the balance: defensibility and risk management
Dr Richenda Tisdale

All or Nothing: Minimum facilities, staff and procedures for bariatric provider sites
Professor John Baxter

Put not your trust in numbers: are patient numbers the mark of quality?
Ms Sally Norton

Day 2 – Batriatric audit

Chaired by Mr Duff Bruce and Mr Mike Rhodes
Is the Grass Greener: Bariatric Audit  – around the world
Mr Richard Welbourne

Does size matter” What’s the minimum data set for audit
Mr Roger Ackroyd

Day 2 – Symposium – Perioperative management in Upper GI surgery

Chaired by Mr Simon Paterson-Brown and Professor Graeme Poston
Dr Mike Grocott
Optimisation and problems of pre-operative chemotherapy

Dr Don Low
Enhanced recovery

Prof Mike Bellamy, Leeds
Anaesthesia for the severly obese

Affiliates Session

Day 1 – Upper GI Disease

Chaired by Miss Jane Tallett and Mrs Anne-Margarethe Phillips
Ms Claire Morris and Ms Noeline Young
National Cancer Survivorship Initiative – Assessment and Implementation

Mr Alex Wilson, team lead, physiotherapy and critical care, Radcliffe Hospitals, Oxford
Preoperative physiotherapy for patients undergoing oesophagectomy

The BJS Prize

A novel ex-vivo organotypic model of the oesophagus reveals stromal determinants of epithelial cell behaviour.

Tim Underwood, Mathieu Derouet, Michael White, Phillip Coates, Gareth Thomas, Jeremy Blaydes.

United Kingdom, Cancer Sciences Division, University of Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom, University of Dundee, Dundee

Best poster

Post-operative complications do not independently predict long-term survival following hepatic metastasectomy if analyses incorporate systemic inflammatory variables

Christopher P Neal, Christopher Mann, Giuseppe Garcea, Christopher Briggs, Ashley Dennison, David Berry

United Kingdom, Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, Leicester

Best Affiliate Poster

Weight loss expectations of patients awaiting bariatric surgery

Kelli Edmiston, Evangelos Efthimiou, Paris Tekkis, Fionnuala Davison, Caroline Shannon, Gianluca Bonanomi

United Kingdom, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London

Background: This study aimed to investigate the weight loss expectations in patients awaiting bariatric surgery.

Great Britain and Ireland Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association

Immediately after the close of the main AUGIS Scientific Meeting, Mr Giles Toogood, AUGIS HPB Chair convened the founding meeting of the GBIHPBA as a constitutional branch within AUGIS. Details of this meeting and its outcomes are found elsewhere on the website.