The 2013 Price Thomas Travelling Fellowships

The Travelling Surgical Society of Great Britain and Ireland is pleased to invite applications for the 2013 Price Thomas Travelling Fellowships

The Travelling Surgical Society of Great Britain and Ireland is a group of surgeon which travels to various hospitals and surgical departments around the world and in the UK. These are academic and clinical meetings and the purpose is to encourage educational and surgical exchanges. The Society was founded in 1924 with Lord Moynihan as its first president. The current membership consists of about 50 surgeons of whom 30 are in active practice. It is distinguished by numerous titles, honours, and Presidencies of learned organisations, including Royal Colleges.

Sir Clement Price Thomas was the third President of the Travelling Surgical Club (as it was then known) from 1952 to 1972. His other Presidencies including that of the BMA and the Royal Society of Medicine: he also became a Council Member and Vice President of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

His son Martyn was consultant general surgeon to the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport from  1975 to 1990, developing an interest in urology and breast cancer. He served as surgical tutor to the Royal College of Surgeons and was a popular examiner in Wales and the University of Cambridge. Having retired early in 1990 from his post in Newport, he continued in clinical practice as Consultant Surgeon to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. Martyn’s natural teaching ability inspired him to volunteer as a demonstrator in the Department of Anatomy.

These awards were established in their memory. There will be two bursaries. The holders of the 2013 awards will travel to Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, with the Travelling Surgical Society in May 2013. During this time they will deliver at least two papers each at scientific meetings at local hospitals. The bursaries will cover registration fees, travelling expenses, hotel costs and all organised meals.

Who may apply?

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