SAS & IMG Representative

AUGIS recognises the vital contribution of Specialty and Associate Specialist (SAS) doctors and International Medical Graduates (IMG) in the NHS and within the UGI Specialty. Our SAS & IMG Representative on AUGIS council will be working to support this group within AUGIS and in the workplace. 

We are therefore delighted to welcome Mr Renol Koshy as the AUGIS SAS & IMG Representative on Council. 

Renol Koshy


Being an IMG and a LED, gives me the experience and this opportunity to highlight their challenges and to work together with the system. My involvement with SAS forum of the RCS-Eng, gives me insight to this group.

Achieving CESR, has shown me ways of supporting the group. I actively mentor through various CESR workshop engagements, through multiple associations- ASGBI, AUGIS and the RCS-Eng/Ed.

My aim for this post will be to liaise with the other specialty groups and work on the unified platform created by the RCS- ISECSN, to create a national infrastructure of support for the process.