North Thames/North London

We are looking for Expressions of Interests from Consultant Members in the North Thames region for the role of North Thames Regional Representative on AUGIS Council. Please see below for further details and information on how to apply for the role: 

The role of Regional Representative on AUGIS council includes contributing information and updates to the AUGIS website content, getting involved in AUGIS Subcommittees, recruiting and organising events for members in their region and encouraging AHPs and CNS to become members. As an AUGIS Council Member and Trustee of AUGIS, the successful candidate will be expected to attend AUGIS Council Meetings AUGIS Annual Scientific Meetings, along with other tasks which may arise.

We would like to ask all nominees to submit a 100 word expression of interest for the role.

Nominees for the North Thames Regional Representative must be a paid up and current Full Consultant Member of AUGIS and will require support from two other current Full Consultant Members of AUGIS from the region.

Please note members may only propose and/or second once. Nominees are required to inform the AUGIS Secretariat by email ( of their willingness to stand and should be proposed and seconded accordingly.


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