Webinar series

A list of the webinars which have taken place are listed below. The webinars are free to AUGIS members and those who attend the live webinars receive the relevant CPD points. We endeavour to make the recordings of these webinars available to members and the general public as soon as possible after the live events. You can view the webinar recording (on You Tube) by clicking on the relevant link below and please note that the recordings are age restricted to 18yrs and over. Contact the AUGIS office if you have any queries.

2022 Webinars

23 November 2023: Perioperative Treatment for Esophageal Cancer

2 November 2022:  Management of Liver Cysts in a Benign Surgical Unit

27 April 2022:         Revisional Anti-Reflux and hiatal Hernia Surgery;  Who and How

13 April 2022:         Perioperative Nutrition after UGI Cancer Resection 

30 March 2022:       Unusual Benign Upper GI Surgical Case Videos - Diagnosis/Management/Outcome

16 February 2022:  UK Hiatal Surgery Guidelines for Practice (1 CPD Point)

9 February 2022:   Update on the management acute pancreatitis   (1 CPD Point)

27 January 2022:  Is a laparoscopic cholecystectomy after ERCP for bile duct stones necessary? (1 CPD Point)

26 January 2022: Update in Gastric GIST Management (1 CPD Point)

2021 Webinars

8 December 2021: Haemorrhage control in Upper GI Bleeding (1 CPD Point)

17 November 2021: National Hiatal Surgery Database 

3 November 2021: Gastric Cancer in the Spotlight (1 CPD Point)

21 July 2021: Pre and post-opeartive issues in Liver Surgery (1 CPD Point)

7 July 2021: Anastomic Techniques in OG Cancer Surgery (1 CPD Point)

23 June 2021: Laparoscopic Ultrasound Cholangiography (1 CPD Point)

21 April 2021: Oesophago-Gastric MDT (1 CPD Point)

25 March 2021: GBIHPBA - Liver assessment, resectional techniques & a soup├žon of pancreas! (1 CPD Point)

27 February 2021: Should Upper GI Surgeons be trained to perform ERCP and EUS? (1 CPD Point)

17 February 2021: UGI & HPB Trauma (2 CPD Points)

20 January 2021: The Future Shape of Hiatal Surgery in the UK  (1 CPD Point)

16 December 2020: To Cholecystectomy or not to Cholecystectomy? (1 CPD Point)

Webinar Recordings

AUGIS is running a series of educational webinars which have been recorded and available on the AUGIS You Tube Account. Please note that all recordings are age restricted to 18 years and over. 

To view the current recorded webinars please click on the link below.

Roux Group Webinars

Scotland Regional Meeting 2021