Council Members

AUGIS Council is made up of elected representatives from the membership. The function of the various roles on AUGIS Council is to represent the sub-specialties, professions and regions on behalf and for the benefit of the AUGIS membership and the charitable aims of the association. 

The AUGIS Council Members are elected to their position on council by the membership.

EDI Lead - Samir Pathak

Director of AHP/CNS - Anne Phillips, Liz Ward, Fiona Huddy, Rebecca Bidmead

Trainee Representative/Roux Group President - David Robinson

SAS & IMG Representative - Renol Koshy

Director of OG Cancer - Javed Sultan

GBIHPBA President - Stephen Fenwick

Director of Emergency Surgery - Giles Bond-Smith

BBUGSS President - Kirk Bowling

Director of Endoscopy - James Catton

Scotland Representative - Peter Lamb

Ireland & Northern Ireland Representative - Claire Jones

Wales Representative - Nagappan Kumar 

South West Representative - Steven Hornby

Northern Representative - John Hammond

Yorkshire Representative - Andrew Cockbain 

North West & Mersey Representative - Paul Turner 

North Thames/North London Representative - Vacancy 

South Thames/South London Representative - Kirstin Carswell

Trent Representative - Neil Bhardwaj

East Anglia Representative - Robert O'Neil 

West Midlands Representative - Raj Nijjar

Oxford & Wessex Representative - Jihène El Kafsi 


The Surgical Specialty Study Leads sit on Council for the term of their role and are as follows:

Pancreatic Cancer - Keith Roberts 

Oesophageal Cancer - Tim Underwood

Colorectal Liver Metastases - Robert Jones