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The Association has evolved for those with an interest in upper gastrointestinal surgery and is therefore best placed to develop clinical services, pursue education and training and encourage research. The development of sub-specialisation is rapidly evolving and clinical service developments at national and local level require the type of national perspective provided by AUGIS.

Currently under the AUGIS umbrella we have the GBIHPBA, BBUGSS, and the Roux Group (for Trainee Members only). AUGIS Membership allows access to updates and information from AUGIS and these other associations, along with membership registration rates for all our meetings.

AUGIS Membership provide access to a network of colleagues working within Upper GI Surgery throughout the UK. 



AUGIS provides excellent opportunities for education for trainee and trained surgeons, from online webinars to the Annual Scientific Meetings. 

The Roux Group is for AUGIS Trainees and provides various education and networking events throughout the year for members. 

Our Allied Health Professionals and CNS' have a committee of members who provide educational events during our Annual Scientific Meetings and at other times. 

The developments in higher surgical training demand appropriate national guidance for those running training schemes at local level and AUGIS Council representatives are able to advise regional training committees appropriately.

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AUGIS has representation on the ASGBI Council and Specialties Board. There is also representation on the Council of the British Society of Gastroenterology to ensure multi-disciplinary discussions. AUGIS also has representation on JAG, ACP, BASO, BSG and GI Physiology. 

AUGIS Council Members are elected by our membership to represent the members and the UGI specialty. 

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Our scientific meetings and webinars provide excellent fora for the presentation of basic and applied research in upper gastrointestinal surgical disease.

Our Surgical Specialty Research Leads are working for members and patients with the UGI Specialty.  

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NOGCA is supported by AUGIS

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AUGIS work on producing and updating Guidelines and recommendations as tools for our surgical specialty. 

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