Travel Fellowships

AUGIS Travel Fellowships have been offered to Trainee Surgeon Members, providing support for trainee surgeons to visit units across the world, enabling the opportunity to learn and acquire new skills and experience which can then benefit their own unit in the UK. 

2024 Award Winner

AUGIS 2024 Travel Fellowship Awards

For this year’s round we received some excellent applications from trainee members and are very happy to be awarding three 2024 Travel Fellowship Awards to:

Andrea Sheel: The Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia

Joshua Brown: Keio University Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

Stephan Dreyer: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York, USA

Congratulation to our awardees and we wish them all an excellent trip and we will be sharing our awardees reports with the membership in the future. 

Thank you to all those who applied for the awards this year and look out for details for the 2025 AUGIS Travel Fellowship Awards later on in the autumn.


Award Criteria

AUGIS Travel Fellowship Award

The AUGIS Travel Fellowships is for AUGIS Trainee Members/newly appointed consultants. Applications must include: 

  • a detailed plan and purpose of visit
  • details regarding the acquisition of skills and experience not available within own unit
  • a breakdown of proposed costs
  • a letter of support from own unit

One award is offered each year and the successful applicant will be required to provide written report regarding the fellowship, to AUGIS, within six months after the trip. Once the trip is over, the successful applicants may submit receipts along with a completed expense form to AUGIS up to the value of the award. Please note that funds are not provided to the successul applicant in advance of the visit. 

The 2024 Travel Fellowship Award round is now closed but look out for details for the 2025 round later in the year. 

Please contact the AUGIS office for further details:

Previous Travel Fellowship Awards

  • 2019 - Chris Johnston from the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh who will be travelling to the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology
  • 2018  - James Clark from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust for Geneva University Hospitals (HUG).
  • 2017  -  David Chan University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff for the Gastric Cancer Centre, South Korea.
  • 2016  -  Mohan Singh of Royal Shrewsbury Hospital who visited the Department of Surgery at Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong.

2016 Award

Awarded to Mohan Singh

Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong

Read the Report

2015 Award

Awarded to Samuel Ford

Istituto Nazionale de Tumori, Milan, Italy

Read the Report

2013 Award

Awarded to: 

Jawad Ahmad: Read the Report

Derek McWhirter: Read the Report

Jolene Witherspoon: Read the Report

Vincint Yip: Read the Report


2012 Award

Awarded to: 

Cynthia Borg: Read the Report

Declan Dunne: Read the Report

Naheed Farooq: Read the Report