GBIHPBA 2023 Programme

Taking place on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st April 2023 at teh Hilton City Centre Hotel in Leeds, the two day programme has been awarded a total of 11 CPD Points by the ASGBI. 

You can view the provisional programme below.

11 CPD Points

Thursday 20th April

09:00 - 10:00: Registration and Coffee

10:00 - 10:10: Welcome   Krish Menon (GBIHPBA President) 

                       History of Surgery in Leeds  Andy Smith

10:10 - 11:30: HPB Cancers

Chairpersons: Professor Peter Lodge, Hassan Malik,  Harjeet Singh, Biju Pottakkat

Pancreatic Cancer – Is Arterial Resection Justified: Debate     Against: Sanjay Govil  For: Nikolaos Chatzizacharias

Intra-hepatic Cholangiocarcinoma – UK experience: Jane McClements

Surgery for Gallbladder Cancer – Western experience: Derek Manas         

Surgery for Gallbladder Cancer – Indian experience: Sujoy Pal

11:30 - 11:50: Morning Refreshment Break

11:50 - 12:35: HPB Cancer Surgery

Chairpersons: Trish Duncan, Prof Puneet Dhar, Rampdip Ray

Textbook outcome in Liver Surgery for Cancer: Myth or Reality? : Ewen Harrison

Disappearing colorectal liver metastases – intraoperative decisions: Rafael Diaz-Nieto

Prehabilitation in HPB cancer surgery: Prateek Arora

12:35 - 14:00: Lunch

13:30 - 14:00: Poster Marking

14:00 - 14:30: Keynote Lecture 1 "Large Clinical Data versus Randomised Trials in HPB surgery"  - Shailesh Srikhande 

Chairpersons: Iain Cameron & Dr Avinash Supe

14:30 - 15:10: Intraoperative issues - How I deal with it: Part 1

Chairpersons: Ian Pope, Rajesh Bhojwani, Niaz Ahmad, Nagesh Gowda

Tackling portal biliopathy intraoperatively in patients with non-cirrhotic portal hypertension requiring bilioenteric bypass: Chetan Kantharia   

Minimally invasive donor hepatectomy for living donor transplantation: Prof S. Sudhindran

Surgery for chronic pancreatitis with head of pancreas mass: Prof Hariharan Ramesh (online)

Minimal invasive hepatectomy - avoiding pitfalls: Robert Sutcliffe

15:30 - 16:00: Afternoon Refreshment Break

16:00 - 17:00: Keynote Lecture 2 "The Evolving Management of Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma" - Professor Peter Lodge 

Chairperson: Krish Menon & Sanjay Govil

17:00 - 17:45: Role of Transplantation in HPB Cancers

Chairpersons: Dinesh Sharma, Vijay Dhakshina, Sonal Asthana

Liver transplantation for Hepatocellular Carcinoma - beyond the Milan Criteria: Mettu Srinivas Reddy 

Machine perfusion for Transplantation - UK experience: Colin Wilson

Liver transplantation for Colorectal liver metastases: Anya Adair

17:45 - 18:45: Pancreas and Liver MDT - 4 cases 

Chairpersons: Maria Coats, Rajneesh Kumar Singh, Satyanesan Jewsanth

Case 1: James Skipworth

Case 2: Raja Kalayaresan 

Case 3: Guy Shingler

Case 4: Vikram Chaudhuri

19:15 - 20:00: Drinks Reception  - Brigante Foyer

20:00 - 23:00: GBIHPBA Gala Dinner - Brigante Suite

The provisional programme for Thursday 20th April has been awarded 6 CPD Points by the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland

Friday 21st April

08:30 - 09:00: Registration and Coffee

09:00 - 10:00: HPB Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery

Chairpersons: Stephen Fenwick, Charles Imber, Govind Nandakumar, Sanjoy Mandal

Robotic surgery is a better option than Laparoscopic surgery in HPB Practice: Debate  Professor Steve White and Dr Palanisamy Senthilnathan

Roboscopic HPB Surgery - could this be a compromise?: Professor Mo Abu Hilal (Virtual)

10:00 - 10:30: International Experience "Challenges for specialist HPB training in India and the UK": Avinash Supe and Mohamed Elmasry

Chairpersons: TBC & Raaj Praseedom 

10:30 - 11:00: Morning Refreshment Break

11:00 - 11:30: Keynote Lecture 3 "Quality of life in HPB Surgery: How far do we go?" - Professor Ajith Siriwardena

Chairperson: TBC & Dr Sujoy Pal

11:30 - 12:30: 6 Best Papers

Chairpersons: Fenella Welsh, Mark Peterson & Govind Nandakumar

12:30 - 13:30: 6 Best Videos

Chairpersons: Saurabh Jamdar, Shahid Farid, Soumil Vyas

13:30 - 14:30 Lunch

13:30 - 14:00: Poster Marking

14:30 - 15:30: Intra-operative issues - How I deal with it : Part 2

Chairpersons: Prof Giles Toogood, Zahir Soonawalla, Prof Giuseppe Garcea, Rajesh Bhojwani, HRS Girn

Minimal invasive Pancreatic necrosectomy: Rajesh Gupta     

Robotic Pancreatico-duodenectomy / Distal Pancreatectomy: Sanjay Pandaboyana 

Bile Duct Injury: Nagesh Gowda

Bleeding during minimal invasive surgery hepatectomy: Somaiah Aroori 

15:30 - 16:00: Keynote Lecture 4 "Challenges in delivering a Liver Transplantation service in India" - Subash Gupta

Chairpersons: Prof Sudhindran 

16:00 - 16:15: Announcement of poster and oral presentation prizes and closing remarks

Chairpersons: Krish Menon and Sanjay Govil

The provisional programme for Friday 21st April has been awarded 5 CPD Points by the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland